Angel Queen
Angel Queen Faction: Gods
Base Attack: 100
Base Defense 100
Special Ability: Angelic Grace
Effect: Small boost to DEF (all)
Rarity: Rare
Power Cost: 300
Quote: You always work so hard... let me use my powers to help you! This is just between us, okay?
Market Price: 1


This card cannot be obtained from card packages, but instead the user needs to post on twitter for 10 days in total from inside the app to obtain this card. This card can be obtained multiple times during this promotion.

This card may also be aquired during events. For instance, this card could be obtained from a treasure during the Keepers of the Easter Egg event.


"When you use this card for enhancing another card, the target card's statistics will be significantly increased."

When using this card for enhancement, the experience the enhancing card will receive is 300% per card.