All  new cards you acquire are recorded in the Archive. Filling up the Archive may earn you extra rewards. Meet the right conditions as you level up, and the effect of the rewards will improve. You can also review each card you have ever encountered and change the restrictions on the viewing settings of your archive.

Archive Bonuses:

Archive bonuses are registered to your personal archive when you get a certain number of new cards or have have enhanced a certain number of cards. You get small benefits which will rise by meeting certain criteria.

Cards Possessed

Bonus level -- Number of discovered cards -- Possession bonus -- Maximum cards

Lv 0                            None                               50 cards

Lv 1                              5                                        +5                      55 cards

Lv 2                            20                                       +10                     60 cards

Lv 3                            60                                       +15                     65 cards

Lv 4                          150                                       +20                     70 cards

Lv 5                          300                                       +25                     75 cards

Lv MAX                     500                                       +30                     80 cards

Lv Max                      700                                       +40                     90 cards

Lv Max                    1000                                       +50                   100 cards

Enhanced Cards

Bonus level -- Number of enhanced cards -- Shorter recovery time -- Total recovery time per stat

Lv 0                              None                             60 seconds

Lv 1                                 5                                 1  seconds less                   59 seconds

Lv 2                               20                                2  seconds less                   58 seconds

Lv 3                               60                                3  seconds less                   57 seconds

Lv 4                             150                                4  seconds less                   56 seconds

Lv 5                             300                                5  seconds less                   55 seconds

Lv Max                         500                                6  seconds less                   54 seconds

One enhanced card is counted when a player enhances one card to it's maximum level. This can be done on all stages of a card (Fighter, Fighter+, Fighter++...) for a new count each time.

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