About Battle RankingEdit

  • You can get Gems and Titles for ranking high.
  • You must be lvl 10+ to participate in the ranking.
  • You must score at least 500 honor points during the weekly ranking period to receive gem awards.
  • There is a weekly ranking and a daily ranking. The weekly ranking rewards you with gems, while the daily ranking awards you with titles.
  • The weekly ranking has an one week time span starting at 6:00 AM (ET), announcements are every Monday at 7:00 AM (ET.
  • You get special rewards for achieving a new title.
  • Exchange gems for awards like items, cards and card packs.

Gems awarded based on rankEdit

See Gems for complete list of all the prizes you can exchange gems for.

#1 300 gems
#2-10 200 gems
#11-50 100 gems
#51-100 80 gems
#101-500 60 gems
#501-2500 40 gems
#2501-5000 20 gems
#5001+ 10 gems

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