About the BazaarEdit

The Bazaar is a feature in which you can trade desired things with others. You cannot specify users with whom to make deals at the Bazaar. The Bazaar is only usuable to players who have registered their device. Any user can accept your sale offer as long as they have everything on your Bazaar Wishlist. Card and Item deals are possible. You can sell cards for other cards, items, and Rupies. for item deals, you can only sell Cure Water and Holy Powder for each other.

Cards you put up for sale in the Bazaar cannot be set as your leader card, Safeguarded, sold, traded nor gifted. The stats of cards obtained through the Bazaar are carried over as-is. Items you put up for sale in the Bazaar cannot be used, traded nor gifted. Even if you have the things on another user's Bazaar Wishlist, you cannot make transactions using your current Leader Card, Safeguarded cards nor those in pending Trade Requests.

Bazaar TicketsEdit

Besides having your device registered, you must have Bazaar Tickets in order to make a transaction. No Bazaar Tickets are needed to browse the Bazaar. Users are given 5 Bazaar Tickets per day and the maximum that they can have is 5 Bazaar Tickets at one time. Bazaar Tickets included in Card Packs; however, can be accumulated and there is currently no limit as to the amount of 'purchased' Bazaar Tickets you can have. If you have more than 5 Bazaar Tickets, you will not get any more from logging in until your amount falls below 5.

A certain amount of Bazaar Tickets are needed to make a transaction. The amount is based according to the card's rarity.

Normal, High Normal, Rare: 1 Bazaar Ticket

High Rare: 2 Bazaar Tickets

S Rare, SS Rare, and Legends: 5 Bazaar Tickets

Bazaar tickets are used once a transaction has been confirmed. There is no 'refunds' on Bazaar Tickets.

Bazaar WishlistEdit

Bazaar Wishlist is different from your regular Wishlist. The Bazaar Wishlist is a list of items you want for the card you've placed on Bazaar for sale.

To add items to your Bazaar Wishlist, you can select:

Cards - these are cards you currently have in your possesion

Item - Holy Powder, Cure Water, and/or Magic Circle


Wishlist - items or cards (excluding Treasure) from your personal Wishlist

When adding items to your Bazaar Wishlist, each card rarity has a maximum amount that you can request. For example, a High Rare card, you can request up to 200 of each item. The higher the rarity, the more you can request or add.

Up to 5 things can be put on your Bazaar Wishlist per sale. If you select more than one type of item, only users who have everything can make the deal. You cannot specify LVL or stats of cards to receive from others.

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