"Keepers of the Easter Egg" is a quest event in which players receive special quests which are only available during the event. Players received special treasure from questing or from seizing them from other players which are used to unlock limited edition cards.

Synopsis Edit

Seize magical treasures back from monsters in order to prevent the Easter Egg from hatching!


Quote = The next upcoming Event is Keepers of the Easter Egg. This Event will be a Quest event, where players will receive special quests only available during the duration of the Event. Players will also be able to collect new special treasures and battle each other for it for special, limited edition cards.

As quoted from the Event Page in the game:

Quote from Developer
Until fairly recently, the hidden archipelago known as Easter Isles was a veritable paradise. Food was plentiful and there wasn't a danger in sight. Life was easy and everything was great for the Bunnies, an adorable race of rabbit-like humanoids.

Until one fateful day...

An army of dragons flew in from the Far East and devoured everything in sight, massacring almost all of the Bunnies. At first, the Bunnies' defense was no match for these fierce reptiles, and they were shown no mercy. But a small group of brave Rabitteer Knights fought valiantly against this dragon army and was able to slaughter every last one of them.

Or so they had thought...

In the midst of the heated battle, one of the dragons had laid an egg, as if to be one last taunt to the Bunnies. They tried smashing it with rocks, piercing it with swords, and boiling it in a cauldron but the Bunnies could not even scratch the mysterious egg.

It seemed like their battle was about to begin all over again...

After many sleepless nights in which they thought they could see the egg stirring and getting ready to hatch, one of the Bunny Mages came up with a solution. She gathered up the most powerful magical Treasures, and cast a spell upon them so that when brought together and stored with the egg, they would prevent it from hatching forever.

All was safe at that point...

Things were just starting to get back to normal and the Bunnies were almost finished rebuilding their island community, when a mercenary group of monsters got wind of the Easter Egg's secret location and of the terrifying beast within it. Convinced that they could harness the dragon's powers and get it to do their bidding, the monsters laid siege on Easter Isles and began stealing the magical Treasures one by one.

Now the monsters are ravaging the islands, carrying the magical Treasures with them as they search for more. As the Treasures grow further and further apart, their magic powers grow weiker as does their hold over the dragon's egg.

Can you defeat these monsters and take back the magical Treasures, stopping the dragon from hatching and destroying Easter Isles?

Rage of Bahamut


Please note that only the first form of the cards is shown on this page.

Bunny Lilith Limil Angel Bunny Rabbitteer Knight

Ranking Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
#1-3 Cerberus x2 Sutekh S Rare & UP Card Pack claim ticket
#4-10 Cerberus Sutekh H Rare & UP Card Pack claim ticket x2
#11-50 Cerberus Sutekh
#51-100 Sutekh H Rare & UP Card Pack claim ticket
#101-200 Sutekh Devil Queen
#201-300 Lilith Liz LEGEND Card Pack claim ticket x3
#301-499 Lilith Liz Angel Queen
#501-999 Devil Queen LEGEND Card Pack claim ticket
#1001-1999 Angel Queen Gold Dragon Cure Water x5
#2001-4999 Angel Queen Gold Dragon Cure Water x2
#5001-9999 Angel Queen Cure Water x2
#10001-30000 Cure Water x2
#30001-50000 2000 Friendship Points