Knight Luciella Prisoner Luciella Fallen Luciella [Fallen Paladin] Dark Knight Luciella
Knight Luciella Prisoner Luciella Fallen Luciella Dark Knight Luciella
Details Details Details Details
Faction: Demons Faction: Demons Faction: Demons Faction: Demons
Base Attack: 1200 Base Attack: 1800 Base Attack: 2430 Base Attack: 3430
Base Defense: 900 Base Defense: 1360 Base Defense: 1810 Base Defense: 2530
Special Ability: Holy Sword of Adrasteia Special Ability: Dark Circle Special Ability: Internal Darkness Special Ability: False Sword of Adrasteia
Effect Small hit to foe's ATK/DEF (all) Effect Medium hit to foe's ATK/DEF (all) Effect Big hit to foe's ATK/DEF (all) Effect Great hit to foe's ATK/DEF (all)
Rarity: Rare Rarity: High Rare Rarity: S Rare Rarity: SS Legend
Power Cost: 10 Power Cost: 12 Power Cost: 16 Power Cost: 20
Quote: Ugh... My troops have run away... No... I'm all alone now... But I'm going to keep fighting until my very last breath- that's The Knight's Pride! Quote: Hey! What is this square formation on the floor?! Evil cultists! What do you plan to do to me?! Let me go! Get your hands off me! Aaargh... Quote: "Stop... Get out... of me..." " this your first time being invaded? In that case I'll spoil you tenderly..." Quote: "I'm... free... I've traded in my body for these dark powers. Now, together we can start exacting our sweet revenge!"
Market Price: 5500 Market Price: 10600 Market Price: 21000 Market Price: 84000
5th Evolution: None

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