All card are in basic evolution and are not maxed out. For reference of what your card stats could be please see chart below the final form card.



Fighter Knight Rookie Lancer Witchette Thief Ronin Young Shaman Young Dancer Ninja Trainee Pirate Wolf Rider Rookie Lizard Rider Candy Robber Chorus Girl Novice Marine Mage Kunoichi Trainee Pumpkin Girl Amateur Monk Lantern Mage Rookie Heavy Knight Young Gunner Cowboy Sprinter Camelot Knight Puppet Soldier Rookie Fencer Crystal Spelunker Rookie Bard Rookie Adventurer Shaman Luca Frost Fighter Novice Detective Rookie Sorceress Abandoned Girl Spearbearer Recruit Coven Mistress Rookie Alchemist Puppeteer Rookie Explorer Rookie Summoner Apprentice Scholar Hermit Wizard Hunched Robber Youthful Bandit Rookie Mercenary Vampire Hunter Learning Smithy Prankster Aiela, Dragon Knight Thaumaturge Morbid Medium Flame Witch Mysteria Scholar Daryl Mysterian Trainer Isaac Mysterian Rookie Tony Unknown Rookie Dragoon Shield Knight Renegade Border Ranger Axe Warrior Fire Priestess Spume Slayer Marine Fighter Newbie Sailor Wight Hunter Dowser Mage Desert Merchant Firestarter Witch Runic Guardian Woodcutter Amateur Astrologist Pumpkin Merchant Rookie Spelunker Rookie Airlancer Amazon Dagger Chain Warden Faux Mage Rookie Painter Charming Maid Ornamented Soldier Magical Cleaner Rookie Trooper Hot Spring Guard Sunshine Witch Novice Apothecary Elemental Defender

Not Obtainable

Archive-Rookie Ax Fighter Archive-Quick Soldier Archive-Young Soldier Archive-Rookie Magician Archive-Rookie Druid Archive-Grave Sentinel Archive-Rookie Ranger Archive-Adventure Beginner Archive-Rookie Rabbitteer Soldier Archive-Rookie Librarian (M) Archive-Pirate Beginner

High NormalEdit


Warrior White Knight Lancer Witch Treasure Hunter Samurai Shaman Dancer Ninja Viking Archer Axe Fighter Strategist Harvest Girl Heavy Knight Lady Gunner Camelot Guard Fencer Assassin Dragon Buster Bard Frost Guard Doll Master Rune Apprentice Camelot Mage High Hermit Porter Oceanic Dragoon Horned Lancer Vampire Huntress Navy Sergeant Halloween Magician Northern Warrior Yeti Hunter May the Summoner Mysterian Herbalist Lalo Treasure Hunter Maigen Runic Swordswoman Chakram Warrior Armored Lancer Aqua Swordian Splash Witch Ghost Hunter Mage of Mending Marine Adventurer Illusionist Gust Fencer Poisoner Lonely Madame Nomadic Soldier

Not Obtainable




Gladiator Holy Knight High Lancer High Witch High Shaman High Dancer High Ninja Buccaneer Pegasus Knight High Gunner Iseult High Tamer Astolfo Kriemhild Flower Maid Flying Witch Basilisk Rider Frost Knight Castor Prima Donna Knave of Hearts Mage Arkana Sun Priestess High Monk Birthday Messenger Camelot Fencer Ulster Lancer Lunging Lancer Gardener Mounted Warrior Monster Breeder Vampire Slayer High Fencer Magian Girl Lou of Mysteria Mysterian Alchemist Daniel Wild Mercenary Skyshooter Swordsman Ogre Hunter Pillaging Witch Searzist Elegant Lancer High Fairy Healer Lunar Sorceror Summertime Owen Rozen Knight Squire Vallette

Not Obtainable


High RareEdit


Berserker Paladin Master Witch Master Samurai Great Spirit Dancing Princess Captain Dragonrider Odysseus Master Archer Axe Master High Priestess Master Gunner Guinevere Master Fencer Dragon Slayer Claymore Maid Siegmund Scribe Sektor Rabbitteer Knight High Alchemist Golem Master Holy Dragoon Master Tamer Endymion Pumpkin Shaman Master Astrologist Luminous Knight Master Bard Queen of Hearts Holiday Dancer Phaethon Sylvan Wizard Kunoichi Master Radiant Shaman Luminous Mage Lovely Dancer Goblin Slayer Teena Goblin Hunter Feena Birthday Witch Master Adventurer Naoise Rampaging Warrior Master Warlock Lady Officer Arcana Master Snippy Gardener Northern Shaman Twin Sword Master Philosopher Master Assassin Bandit King Master Mercenary Dhampir Holy Lancer Ninja Master Naval Guard Simone Pirate Lady William of Mysteria Arc Mage Master Summoner Owen, Knight of Mysteria Lovely Songstress Grand Warden Spectral Witch Natalie Corsair Angelica Magus Knight Sky Fighter Lecia Graceful Duelist Animal Warden Ghost Hunter Phoebe Young Swashbuckler

Free Cards from Events

Marine Assassin Master Cavalry Master Singer Specialist Lancer Animal Warden Treasure Hunter Bracha Young Swashbuckler

S RareEdit


Abby the Axe Girl Ace Dragoon Achilles Adept Witch Ariana the Caged Aqua Dragon Knight Arch Druidess Rhonwen Arch Warlock Archaic Wizard Atalanta Beowulf Bride of War Celestial Oracle Dragon Knight Zahar Elemental Mage Levi Flower Magician Gareth Goblinbane Feena Goblinbane Lucius Griffon Rider Gustave the Butler Halloween Gardener Holiday Amelia Icarus Igraine Jolly Rogers Karen Kel Kiera Kindhearted Bandit Koga Kunoichi Lancelot Lucius the Mercenary Maggie the Whip Master Alchemist Master Pharmacist Master Pop Star Material Sage Mysteria Wizard Craig Navy Lieutenant Noah, Avenging Soul Nobunaga the Ruthless Owen, Paladin of Mysteria Percival Phantom Thief Lupin Pharmacist Juno Pirate Matron Primal Shaman Prince Fleur Queen Lucie Rampart Archer Raving Knight Remus Righteous Lancer Sanada Yukimura Sekt-or-Treat Skeleton Slayer Sky Ace Monika Spirit Tree Guardian Solar Dancer Lorea Stalwart Cavalier Summertime Lou Summertime Lucius Summertime Scribe Tristam Tristan White General White Paladin Wind Warlock Winged Caster Witchcrafter Wolfen Hunter Wyvern Cavalier Yurius

Not Obtainable

SS RareEdit


Actress Feria Alice Anne and Grea Anne, Belle of Mysteria Arc Elementalist Arena Gladiator Arch Summoner Arjuna Artisan Geno Aurelia, Regal Saber Avenger of Ebonflame Bandit Empress Batraz Bergan Captain Walfrid Clarke, Arcane Scholar Cleopatra Collector Gemma Covetous Witch Crimson Chain Grena Crimson Warrior Cuhullin Date Masamune Deathscythe Maid Dragonbond Mage Dragoon Lord Elemental Gardener Ethereal Summoner Arinu Europa Fortunehunter Enna Gawain Genius Coach Celia Harpist Arriet Healing Rhythm Dancer Hector Helblindi Helsing Homebound Captain Ian the Proud Jack and the Beanstalk Jeanne d'Arc Jolly Rogers II Kaguya King Arthur King Midas Legendary Fighter Loneridge Falconer Lord Arthur Majestic Dancer Marduk Mary Toft Master Explorer Master Explorer Edgar Medea Melvie Merlin Mesmerizing Dancer Monika the Mutineer Monster Summoner Mimi Muse Naval Swordhunter Nightbane Lucius Noble Braver Noble Fencer Owen, Charge Forth! Paracelsus Pascale, Oracle of the Sun Perseus Prim the Innocent Prince Ambassador Princess Pyhia Princess of Snakes Pumpkin Arch Knight Queen Alwilda Radiant Queen Relic Hunter Robin Hood Royal Elementalist Rune Paladin Runic Gem Mage Scytheman Siegfried Sir Yurius Sky Officer Celia Spartacus Spinaria Starry Miku Summertime Witchcrafter Thief Calm Thief Princess Thousand Swords Unicorn Knight Warbound Cavalier Wind Dancer Woodwind Summoner Zoe, Queen of Goldenia



Ace Striker Lecia Albert Albert the Courageous Alexander Alwilda the Triumphant Amalia Lightblade Amelia on Vacation Ancient Alchemist Anne, Liberator of Mysteria Arch Witch Daria Arriet in Mysteria Avent Jeanne Battlecaster Anne Boudica Brightwing Knight Captain Lecia Cinderella Ectis Summertime Kaguya Fearless General Flower Princess Galahad Grand Admiral Walfrid Glorious Striker Heretic Archaeologist Holiday Witchcrafter Hopebringer Feena Imperial Dragoon Iska, Crystalline Princess Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation Legendary Muse Legendary Summoner Lucille Merchant of Blades Norse Berserker Oathbearer Gawain Princess Juliet Princess Merveille Princess Navi Ralia of Dusklight Remi and Rami Royal Dragoon Rune Magistra Shion Skyborn Lecia Slayer Elly Spellsong Helblindi Springtime Feria Starwatcher Stella Stonehearted Heir Storm Lancer Summerflower Feria Summertime Amelia Summertime Anne Summertime Teena Summertime Zoe Teena, Goblin Slayer Troll Hunter Val, Queen of Thieves Wizardess Merlin Zoe, Restorer of Goldenia

Not Obtainable

Referral Gift CardsEdit


Nobunaga the Ruthless Princess Schoolgirl Mina Trainee Amelia Maid Seria


Princess Schoolgirl Mina Trainee Amelia Foreign Sorcerer Maid Seria

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