Princess High Princess Princess Knight [Hope] Princess Angel
Princess High Princess Princess Knight Princess Angel
Details Details Details Details
Faction: Man Faction: Man Faction: Man Faction: Man
Base Attack: 1000 Base Attack: 1540 Base Attack: 2080 Base Attack: 3200
Base Defense: 1000 Base Defense: 1540 Base Defense: 2080 Base Defense: 3200
Special Ability: Little Yell Special Ability: Elegant Yell Special Ability: Princess Yell Special Ability: Royal Yell
Effect Small boost to ATK/DEF (all) Effect Medium boost to ATK/DEF (all) Effect Big boost to ATK/DEF (all) Effect Great boost to ATK/DEF (all)
Rarity: Rare Rarity: High Rare Rarity: S Rare Rarity: SS Legend
Power Cost: 8 Power Cost: 10 Power Cost: 14 Power Cost: 18
Quote: I extend to you the warmest welcome, courageous knight, to our kingdom. Please, rest your weary bones as long as you wish. Quote: You know, good knight, nothing is going to change if I just sit here in the palace. I need to know what is happening beyond these walls! Quote: I, too, have sworn my oath, good knight! I will protect the weak and walk the path of truth and justice. Now we can journey together! Quote: I...I refuse to rely upon old legends! This world...and my people...I must protect them using the strength within me! Watch as I change the world!
Market Price: 5400 Market Price: 10500 Market Price: 21000 Market Price: 84000
5th Evolution: None

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