Holy War V7

The "Holy Wars" is an event where orders and their members battle other orders for the chance of being named the best order in the game!


Holy Wars -Rebirth- will be scheduled on 12/13 - 12/16 (ET)

Special RulesEdit

  • During Holy Wars event preparation periods, if you log in at least once a day, you can get 1 Holy Powder (personal)!
    • Holy wars preparation Period (ET)
      Dec. 7th, 2012 - Dec. 13th, 2012

Ad Hoc Order!Edit

If you don't beling to an Order by the time te Holy Wars event starts, you'll be added to an Ad Hoc Order automatically. (This is limited to users who meet the requirements to join Ad Hoc Orders.)

Ad Hoc OrdersEdit

  • Ad Hoc Orders are formed automatically during Holy Wars event periods.
  • These are formed with users who aren't in Orders.
  • Users under LVL 20 can't join Ad Hoc Orders.
  • Only users who registered their devices can join Ad Hoc Orders.
  • Even if you are invited to a regular Order, an Ad Hoc Order will form first.
  • Once a Holy War event starts, you won't be able to invite others to your Order.
  • If you have an Order you want to join, make sure to do so before Holy Wars starts!
  • Ad Hoc Orders disband when Holy Wars events end.
  • In Ad Hoc Orders there are no Order Leaders or Vice-Leaders. Leaders are assigned automatically to users in the order that they join the Order.
  1. 1: ATK Leader
  1. 2: DEF Leader
  1. 3 onward: Regular Member (not a Leader)
  • Each Ad Hoc Order has a maximum of 25 members.

In Ad Hoc Orders, You Can:Edit

  • Declare war
  • Donate
  • Build Walls
    • Rupies donated or Walls built do not carry over into other Orders.
    • Ad Hoc Order names are created automatically and can't be changed.
    • Please understand that Ad Hoc Order specs may change without prior notice.

Gain Advantages with Cards!Edit

Cards that will help you bring down the enemy wall!

Man Gods Demon
Master Gunner Ares Mythril Golem

Cards that will increase the obtained Holy Points!

Man Gods Demon
Sektor Principality Witch Commander
Luminous Knight Chiron High Werewolf

Among the rewardsEdit

GawainLord ArthurDark Angel Olivia

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