Please note that the contents of this page are speculations and may end up completely different in game, or might not get added at all.

"Slayers of Fafner" is a quest event in which players receive special quests which are only available during the event. The Event is a Story-Line event that follows up on "The Roar of the Dragons" quest event, and will include a story of how Fafner was defeated. Players will go on a quest to find the "Champions of Fafner", and will be able to claim these champions as cards for their decks. If all Champions are found, the player is rewarded with a SS Rare card.

Synopsis Edit


Info About This EventEdit


Champions of FafnerEdit

Please note that only the first form of the cards is shown on this page. The Champions of Fafner are cards which can be collected from finishing the Quest Lines. Finish all 7 for a SS Rare card.

Obtainable Cards
Rarity Man Gods Demon
Rare Flying Witch Anemone Stymphalian
High Rare Holy Dragoon Rusalie Birdman Garuda
S Rare Griffon Rider Non available. Non available.

Event RewardsEdit

Please note that only the first form of the card is shown on this page. This card will be awarded to the player if he or she obtains all the Champion of Fafner cards.

Dark Dragoon

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