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"The Legend of the Tower and the Tears of the Moon" is a quest event in which players receive special quests which are only available during the event. The event follows a storyline where the player fights their way through the tower in a floor-to-floor kind of way. With every quest complete, the player moves up a floor. The player will also encounter certain bosses on their way up, which will be the demons that use or try to destroy the moon: Werewolf, Rahu & Hati. According to real Mythology, Hati is a Demon who is chasing the moon and trying to eat it. Would he succeed (together with his brother who chases the sun which will be released in a later event), they would cause the resurrection of their farther, Fafner (Real legend he is called Fafnir, but the Translation did not go too well in the game it seems).

Its your job to stop Hati and his minions from succeeding to catch the moon and to make sure Fafner stays dead (Spoiler alert: Fafner will come back in a later event).

Synopsis Edit

Every few centuries, the moon sheds some tears.

Those are signs that the moon is approaching.

Bent on stealing the moon's magical powers--

Evil emissaries from hell have started to head to the Legendary Tower...

You must chase them up the tower and stop them from using the moon's magic to take over the world!

Info About This EventEdit

About "The Legend of the Tower and the Tears of the Moon"
There will be limited time quests! Get Rare cards by completing Treasure Series
Some daunting enemies are waiting in the Legendary Tower!
The highest-ranking users will get an SS Rare Card, so keep progressing through quests and aim for the top!
Rewards can be found below.

Tears of the MoonEdit

Please note that only the first form of the cards is shown on this page. The Champions of Fafner are cards which can be collected from finishing the Quest Lines.

Also note that all these cards are pre-release cards. Meaning that they will eventually be released through card packs or other means.

Obtainable Cards
Rarity Man Gods Demon
Rare Astolfo Lampetia Werewolf
High Rare Endymion Neaera Rahu
S Rare Non available. Non available. Hati
SS Rare Kaguya Non available. Non available.

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